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Mavrodaphne of Patras is perfect as aperitif, best served with roasted almonds and dry fruits. As a dessert wine it is best served with fruits, yellow cheese, ice-cream, sweets or even with bitter chocolate. You may also taste it with crumbled ice as one of the best cool drinks of the summer.
Personally, I use Mavrodaphne often in recipes such as  “soutzoukakia”, “penne with dried tomatoes” etc. because I think that it gives a very special flavor to the food wining everybody’s impressions.

“ILIADA” olive oil

The ILIADA Extra Virgin olive oil is pressed from Koroneiki olives, and from groves located on the slopes of the Taygetous mountains which run in the South Peloponnese, on the east side of Kalamata. The olives are harvested by hand from November to January and are cold pressed mainly in the traditional manner.
Fruity with a mild taste of olives, ideal for salad dressings, grilled fish, white meat, raw sauces, pasta and vegetables. Rich in monounsaturated for your healthy diet.

"SPITIKO" paste from olives

Intensely tasty pleasure and high quality.
In two delicious tastes from flesh of green olive and Kalamata olive.
They accompany ideal bread, crackers, smoked salmon, toasts, rusks and they become wonderful appetizers, canapes and dips.

"SPITIKO" olives

It’s a matter of unrivalled quality of selected olives (Kalamata olives, Green and Black) that they grow up in the best olive groves of the country keeping the whole taste of the authentic greek olive.
They are consumed every day on the greek table, while they can be used even in sauces for pasta, salads, assortments for ouzo, wine or beer, with pulse, cheeses, seafood.

Eleourgiki "Extrolio" Olive oil

An extra virgin olive oil, traditional, with rich taste and authentic greek character from selected olive groves. It has dark green colour and fine aroma of fresh fruit, pleasant bitter flavour with notes of spices. Ideal for dishes with vegetables, traditional, cooked and roasted.

"KONTOS" Sun dried tomatoes & peppers in oil

Grand father George cultivated with care and love his gardens producing quality products in the sunny and fertile lend of the Lilantio Pedio in Evia.With the same criteria his children carry on this tradition creating exquisite, tasteful, traditional products reminders of another era.