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My latest news

My recipe in VIMA-Gourmet

This month, I had the honor to see my "Carrot-cake with olive oil" recipe published in the website of Gourmet supplement of VIMA, one the Greece's major newspapers. Here is the relevant link:

Please click the miniature for the full-size image.

A Greek Lady instructing Chinese people to use olive oil!

From the Chinese Magazine "DIPLOMAT", December issue 2012, pages 66-67, dedicated (110 pages) to the beworthy brand name of GREECE for tourism, cruise, culture, values, jewlery, olive oil, wine...

World Health Maintenance Assembly - Hangzhou, China

Participating in the World Health Maintenance Assembly at Hangzhou - China and interviewed by the local Mass Media presenting the value of olive oil in cosmetology.

Bronze Award at cooking competition

Greece won the bronze award at the National Cooking Competition, participating among 32 diplomatic missions at the Chinese capital.

Interview in "LADY" Magazine: “Cooking is Love and Health”

The monthly women's chinese magazine ‘‘L A D Y’’, in the April issue,  publishes eight-page tribute entitled "Cooking is Love and Health" with an interview of Mrs Katerina Stai - Failadis where, in addition to her personal life-style, particular reference is made to the quality of Greek cuisine, the Greek diet, the use of olive oil in Chinese cuisine but also to the presentation of Katerina's greek and chinese traditional recipes with olive oil for the numerousness readers of the magazine. 

Greek Culture and Gastronomy in “Women of China”

In the largest Chinese governmental women's magazine, “Women of China” (April issue, 700.000 issues per month) an interview was assigned by Mrs Katerina Stai - Failadis, the Greek Press & Communication Counselor's wife in Beijing, displaying Greek culture and tourism, gastronomy and healthy diet, the everyday use of olive oil and her efforts to establish in China a "greek olive oil culture" comparable to that of "chinese tea culture".

First try for Chinese mooncakes with olive oil

"Afternoon tea break at Mrs Katerina's Stai - Failadis appartment. She prepared chinese mooncakes with olive oil stuffed with honey and nuts, also with almonds and orange blossom water. Home made and healthy! It should be the first time to combine Chinese mooncakes with greek olive oil. What a brilliant idea! It looks so cute and it tastes really great, incredible!!!" (from :

Greek diet in Chinese TV

Aiming at promoting Greek products in China, Katerina Stai - Failadis on behalf of the Press & Communication Office of the Embassy of Greece in Beijing participated in the TV show of major Beijing TV channel 7, and presented the food habits of Greeks.

First Award for the Greek cuisine in World EXPO 2010

Greek pasta, cooked with Greek products, olive oil, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, flavored with Mavrodfaphne sweet wine and Greek feta cheese in small pieces, was awarded the first prize in the 5th Diplomats’ Cooking Contest, organized by “DIPLOMAT” magazine, in the framework of World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, in October 30th, 2010.