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Re-Inspire Greece from the Youth Up - An Innovative Competition

“Re-Inspire Greece from the Youth Up” is a laudable campaign to re-inspire youth entrepreneurship in Greece.  Greek Food Company Gaea Products S.A. and celebrity Chef of Greek descend Cat Cora are teaming up for a competition that will award the top ten business plans in the agro-food sector. 

Prizes include 25,000 euros in capital, 25,000 euros in soft loans and the implementation of the winning plans by major Greek companies and banks.

Funds will also come from the purchase of bottles of Greek organic extra virgin olive oil made on the Greek island of Antiparos, and sold in the US. This is where you come in! If you live in the US, and want to support youth entrepreneurship in Greece, buy a bottle of olive oil here!

Apart from this innovative initiative, Gaea Products S.A. became the first Greek company to win first prize in the import-export category at the European Business Awards of 2013. The Awards committee chose Gaea among 15,000 companies from 34 European countries for their innovation, social sensitivity, openness, and values, and noted the progress of the company in reaching international markets.

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