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"The beautiful "ambassadress" who... oliveoils the Chinese"

The greek dishes become more and more famous in Beijing - Katerina Stai Failadis in

Interviewed by Angelos Mosxovas 

Chinese people have a long history and civilization of thousand years. In the meantime, they deeply respect Greece. However, up to now, the greek alimentary habits were unknown to China. The last 3 - 4 years, thanks to the efforts of a Greek lady, philologist and exceptional cook, they learned how to prepare even... "melomakarona" (famous greek traditional Christmas cookies) and they loved it! Katerina Stai - Failadis, wife of the Greek Press & Communication Counsellor in Beijing, had the idea of luring Chinese people into the secrets of olive oil. She started giving greek cooking and healthy diet classes, created her own website (  and the whole initiation was... beyond any expectation! The cosmopolitan lady coming from the island of Myconos was interviewed by and reveals the secret of her success. As she says, "the Chinese ideogram for the word "crisis" includes simultaneously the idea of "chance" and the greek crisis of our days can drive to big chances, in and out of Greece, everyone who wants to deal with enterprising".

See the whole interview in:η-όμορφη-πρέσβειρα-που-λαδώνει-τους/

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