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About Katerina...

I was born and raised in a family that loved the good food, measuring always the taste, quantities and combinations, coming from the beautiful and wellknown island of Myconos. I’m not a professional “chef ”, but I just move driven from my love and passion for cooking. Besides, cooking is Art, it needs freedom and imagination. So, each one of us can be a little potential chef.

In China, this wonderful country with the great civilization and the special cuisine, I wanted to cultivate a “culture of olive oil” according to the “culture of tea” which is characteristic of the Chinese civilization. So I started creating my website ( to project through it the Greek olive oil in order to consolidate in the chinese consciousness as unique weapon to the maintaining of good health that gives longevity. In parallel, some of my Chinese girlfriends were interested in learning how to use olive oil for cooking, so I started giving some courses of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. This helped me to lure them in a healthier lifestyle by offering them, at the same time, a tastier menu for their family. Furthermore, it is well-known that olive oil contributes decisively not only in healthy diet but also has beneficial properties in physical development of children and is an integral part of their ideal diet. The result earned the admiration and praise of their family.

What prompted me to create this particular website was my desire to show to the Chinese friends (and not only) through my recipes the way we cook in Greece using always the olive oil. So, I picked some greek recipes, easier and not, and two chinese traditional recipes in which I’ve made some changes that do not affect especially the final result but proving that the olive oil has a place in their everyday life. Specifically, in “mooncakes” I combined my grandmother’s recipe of the Myconian homemade almond cookies and the result was amazing. Even in “dumplings” the olive oil added special flavor. For the chinese friends who tried them was really a pleasant surprise, they loved them!

The following recipes are all tried and cooked by me in the kitchen of my house to be sure for the result. I would like to suggest that you start cooking recipes with a smaller amount of oil than that shown on the ingredients and add the rest to the food at the end of cooking. In this way it's more healthy, nutricious and keeps all of its relish.

Well, on my website you’ll find information about the olive oil, healty diet and the Greek wine, as well as small news for those interested in my work. You will also find many of my favorite products, aspiring little by little to constitute a rich archive of Greek products that will give all the relevant information about them to anybody who is interested.

Thank you for your interest.