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Welcome to my kitchen!

Katerina Stai-Failadi

Tell me what you eat, to tell you who you are.
Old Greek saying

Welcome to my kitchen, welcome to a journey full of flavor. Together we will make greek and mediterranean dishes, traditional and not, dishes delicious and above all healthy.

Katerina Stai – Failadis is a Professor of Greek Language. After her marriage she lives mainly abroad, following her husband who is a Press and Communication Counselor of Greek Embassies, and since 2008 she lives in Beijing. She gives “Greek cuisine & healthy diet” courses trying to impart her love for the wellcooked homemade food always based on Greek olive oil.


My Latest Recipes

This creamy cheese cake tastes of honey and cinnamon and you'll find yourself trying it many times!

10/15 people
20m · 45m

Leftover cooked yellow split peas? Any idea of what to do with it? "Transform" it to a totally different version... Favokeftedes (yellow split peas patties)!!!
This is not a burger, nor falafel, it is something in between . Whatever it is, the yellow split peas patty is very nutritious and healthy because it is grilled and does not contain oils, yet still retains  a full flavor profile and it's very tasty !

4/8 people
15m · 20m

A really incredible dish! The "Mavrodaphne" wine tantalise the taste of food...

4 people
20m · 30m

The famous Chinese mooncakes in a very interesting variant with olive oil and almonds stuffing... just delicious!!!

20 people
40m · 20m

An impressive and delicious dish that everyone will surely love it!

6/10 people
90m · 20m

A moist and delicious semolina cake flavored with a touch of Chios mastiha and sweetened with a simple syrup flavored with lemon zest. Ravani is not difficult to make and it is a delightful addition to any sweet table.

20 people
15m · 35m

Fasolada is a vegetarian Greek bean soup. It's a simple, hearty, country meal especially for cold winters. It's highly nutritious and filling. Serve with a flat bread and some olives...

8/12 people
10m · 50m

Sometimes recipes can be quite simple, as simple as they can get really. That doesn’t mean they are less delicious or that they lack in flavor or panache. A recipe doesn’t have to be difficult, laborious or extravagant to be worthwhile. 

25/40 people
15m · 25m

It's a very simple recipe but it's really divine!!!

This recipe belongs to Mr Stelios Parliaros, I just reduced the quantity of the sugar from 200gr to 160gr for my chinese friends...

10/15 people
15m · 25m

The famous chinese "Dumplings" in a very interesting variant with olive oil...

40/60 people
90m · 15m